Fine Wine Trader Programme

Want to start your passion business today?
Let WWX train you to become a top Fine Wine Trader

Full Operations Support. Zero Inventory. Free Training. Start your own wine business today.

Why WWX?


  • Asia’s largest pool of live offers. Free access to HKD 959 million live offers available in Hong Kong, U.K. and France
  • $0 startup capital. Start your business today and run on WWX-enabled zero inventory model.
  • Full operations support. Comprehensive international and local logistics support with full insurance coverage. (at no cost to you)
  • Exclusive event space. Free use of WineWorld Retail Showroom to host private wine tastings.
  • Tiered commission. WWX commission system offers progressive commission rates to maximize sales incentive.
  • Professional wine notes and marketing materials. Save your time writing up sales pitch. WWX team of WSET-certified professionals will do that for you.
  • Free wine training. Improve your fine wines knowledge and sales techniques with our e-learning resources and interactive chat groups.


How it works?


  1. Reach out. Simply email or leave a message to one of our team leads. You can also chat with us live on our Facebook page to better understand the perks of fine wine trading on WWX.
  2. Meet us. Schedule a face-to-face meeting to learn how WWX system works. Get personalized tips on how to optimize the system to boost sales.
  3. Sign a contract. You are serious, so are we.
  4. Start selling. Let your friends know about your new business and become the fine wine expert among your peers. When in doubts with fine wines or any of our offers, simply contact our sales support.
  5. Keep learning. Access our online multi-media fine wine training and sales technique library to further your fine wine understanding.


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