Wine Valuation & Portfolio Management

WineWorld Xplorer (WWX) understands the increasing importance of wine portfolio valuation and management among wine lovers, especially collectors. Progressive wealth accumulation worldwide has led to constant appreciation in value of fine wines. Keeping track of overall portfolio value and individual wine price movements offer you an objective measure to review and adjust your wine collecting strategy. Dabbling into wine trading as an ad hoc hobby, or full-time profession, begins with getting a set of tools to track, trace and project price trends and portfolio worth. A comprehensive, interactive set of wine valuation and portfolio management tools come free with all WWX accounts. Sign up today.

How does it work?

Upload your fine wine collection onto WWX

Set up any one of WWX account types and upload your fine wine collection onto My Wine page.

Get instant wine portfolio valuation and composition breakdown

Once your fine wine collection is successfully loaded onto My Wine page, you will get an instant, real-time valuation figure of your entire portfolio worth. This is calculated by using WWX market price, which crawls reliable case offer prices of majority of fine wines in 3 global wine hubs. Our algorithm continuously analyze global wine price data to give you access to accurate, up-to-date market price averages. Apart from that, you can also get a table breakdown showing you packing and format distribution of the wines you own.

View your collection based on their current locations and status

Toggle between different tabs under My Wine and you will be able to browse and sort your wines by their current storage locations. For wines stored with WWX, they will either be in Hong Kong and United Kingdom. For wines stored within your own storage, WWX supports locations covering all countries of the world. We aim to make global multi-location wine management status effortless, centralized and easy-to-manage. Private collector and Trade Professional accounts will see additional tabs allowing users to browse wines by their listing status. WWX displays your wine cost, listing prices and market price all in one view to optimize your pricing and sales strategy.

Gain exclusive access to Individual component performance and advanced graphing tools

For Private Collector and Trade Professional accounts, you will get exclusive access to advanced portfolio analysis and graphing tools. Use the tools to view graphs showing you time series graphs of your overall portfolio performance. Consider that the bank account summary statement of your wine assets. You can also track performance of individual wine components within your portfolio. Easily identify winners and losers among your portfolio. Get a glance of your wine collection composition by region, style, vintage range, readiness to drink and more relevant filters.

The WWX Wine Valuation & Portfolio Management Edge

WWX’s market price average algorithm continuously crawl, analyze and accurately measure market prices of majority of fine wines available in Hong Kong, United Kingdom and France. This gives you one of the most agile and real-time tool to wine valuation. Our intuitive, detailed portfolio breakdown, individual component performance and advanced graphing tools make it easy for wine lovers and collectors to understand their wine position, asset performance and resell potential of wines they own. When you decide to get serious with cellar management, attach all your bottles with our VinoGuard provenance tags and you will be able to track and trace any bottle anywhere, anytime.

You can fully enjoy wine ownership, knowing how your wine collection performs, where each and every bottle is, and when and what to drink or sell.

Assetize your wine collection by understanding its worth and potential on WWX. Sign up today or contact us for more details today.