Wine Lending

WineWorld Xplorer (WWX) collaborates with independent lending partners to offer wine lovers and collectors enhanced financial position. This collaboration enables you to utilize your fine wine collection as loan collateral. Whilst ageing your 15,000 bottles of fine Bordeaux and Burgundy in a professional wine storage, you can now gain additional liquidity in support of your other pursuits and life’s goals. Unlock the value of your vinous assets today.

How does it work?

Upload your fine wine collection onto WWX

Set up a FREE Buyer account on WWX and upload your fine wine collection onto My Wine page.

Get an overview of eligible list of wine collateral and their aggregate current market worth

Once your fine wine collection is successfully loaded onto My Wine page, you will get an instant summary as to which of your wines qualify as eligible wine collateral. At present, WWX team maintains a screened and regularly reviewed list of investable wines from recent vintages to determine which wines fulfill the conditions of eligible wine collateral. You will also be able to get an aggregate current market worth of your eligible wine collateral, which will be used as one of the assessment criteria of your borrowing power.

Receive a preliminary wine collateral loan estimate from us

In order for us to revert on estimated range of borrowing power, loan length, corresponding best interest rate and relevant arrangements, you will be asked to provide additional information to us via secure transmission. You will shortly receive a preliminary wine collateral loan estimate, and customized set of terms and conditions from us.

Finish your wine loan application and get cash

If you find the set of terms and conditions satisfactory, simply arrange for your eligible wine collateral to be transferred to WWX HK Storage. Our team of wine professionals will perform a thorough check and evaluation of the condition of your wine collateral together with a due diligence officer from our lending partner. Your loan approval will then be just a Smart Contract signing away.

The WWX Wine Lending Edge

WWX’s proprietary technology in tracking and tracing authentic bottles and their market value lays the foundation to a sustainable, transparent wine lending. Our own team of wine valuation and evaluation experts ensure that all wine collateral are professionally scrutinized and fairly valued. Our lending partner platform provides a convenient, 24-hour facility for you to utilize your treasured bottles to raise extra capital. Better still, your entire collection will be professionally stored in WWX’s temperature and humidity-controlled, HKQAA-assured fine wine storage facility for the whole collateral hold period.

You can reclaim your bottles, knowing that they have aged well with additional complexity and value, upon loan repayment.

One stone kill two birds – that’s how wine lending works at WWX. Apply online or contact us for more details today.