Why use WWX

WineWorld Xplorer (WWX) is a real-time trading platform enriched with market price benchmarks, critic scores and reviews. In addition to compiling an up-to-date database of wine listings in UK, France and HK, WWX also offers a comprehensive set of cellar management and portfolio valuation tools to assist wine lovers to manage their wines as an asset.

6 reasons to use WWX to buy, ship and store wines

Global fine wine prices and availability at a glance

Browse live prices and quantity of wine offers in 3 global wine hubs

WWX connect leading wine merchants, negociants and institutional sellers in France, United Kingdom and Hong Kong and display their aggregate listings in one master wine list. Your free Buyer account give you unrestricted access to this master wine list. Buying and browsing wines multi-market has never been made easier and more convenient.

Make bids to buy wines at your own terms

Set your price and transaction terms for sellers to match

WWX’s bid system follows that of the stock market bid-matching mechanism instead of highest-bidder-wins auction system. You can make a deposit-secured bid for wines that you wish to acquire. To make a bid, you simply need to name the price you are willing to pay, quantity, and indicate where you want the wine to be currently located.

Access best value offers and market prices

Pre-screened Best Value offers around the world in your Dashboard

Simply log into your free Buyer account and browse all Best value offers under Best Value tab of your Dashboard page. Best value offers on WWX are shortlisted by comparing the wine’s case offer against the average lowest OWC/OC offer prices in United Kingdom, France and Hong Kong. Happy treasure hunting, wine lovers!

Flexible payment terms and methods

WWX accepts multiple payment methods and offer two forms of payment terms

WWX supports multi-currency bank transfer, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, UnionPay and Discover Card; as well as WeChat Pay for all transactions on WWX. Online payment is secured by Braintree; and WWX’s two-factor SMS authentication prior to placement of each order. Buyers also have a choice of paying 100% upfront or 10% deposit and the rest later. Either way, you will only be charged if the wine is available and in acceptable condition.

One-stop international logistics and shipping solution

Buy, ship and store wines over a few clicks

WWX allows you to coordinate movements of your global wine portfolio effortlessly by centralizing display of all your wine stock by their (1) current location, (2) storage status, (3) sale status [exclusively available for Private Collectors who are eligible to sell their collection on WWX]. All users retain a lifetime history of transactions on WWX. To ship, or store wines after buying on WWX, simply follow instructions on My Wine page and the team will ensure that your wines will reach their intended destinations.

Free portfolio valuation and management tools

Get portfolio summary and valuation estimates anytime, anywhere

WWX utilizes updated system-generated market prices data to provide you with a relevant and accurate valuation estimates of your wine portfolio. Aside from that, you can also easily gauge the size and value of your collection by wine format, packing, origin and their gain/loss status. Use WWX’s intuitive set of portfolio valuation and management tools to start managing your wines as an asset. This is just the beginning of WWX’s next-generation wine banking services.

6 reasons to use WWX to sell wines

Extend your reach to 19,800 Asian buyers

Tap into WWX’s extensive, regularly updated database of private clients and professional wine buyers in Hong Kong and China 

WWX inherits and co-shares the powerful wine buyer database first created by WineWorld in 2008. WineWorld and WWX are currently run and managed by the same team, with an aggregate professional wine trading and client servicing experience of 10+ years. As a seller you can focus your energy on procuring best value stock (using WWX database as one of your sources) whilst leaving us with the task of maximizing exposure of your best value offers to an active pool of wine buyers.

List and sell wines in your preferred currency

Skip unnecessary conversion and eliminate currency exchange risks 

Whether you are based in United Kingdom, France or Hong Kong, you can start selling wines internationally using WWX. We save you the trouble to convert and update your wine list offer prices into different currencies by allowing you to list and sell at your preferred i.e. your local currency. WWX buyers will be able to browse and acquire offers at their preferred currency. Though when it comes to transactions, WWX will ensure that you are always paid in your preferred currency irrespective of which currency buyers pay us. 

Intuitive, user friendly wine list synchronization

Sync your most updated wine offers on WWX with any one of the three upload modules

We understand that wine lists come in different formats, wine names and packing spelt out in various ways. Our flexible, intuitive system are developed to understand and accept wine lists of different formats. Explore WWX’s individual wine form, standard wine list and customized wine list upload modules to find a way best suited for long-term synchronization of what you are selling onto WWX.

Post-sales arrangements taken care of by WWX

WWX has a dedicated customer service and operations team experienced in serving wine clients

WWX has an experienced team of customer service, operations and logistics personnel taking care of all clients who intend to or have bought wines on WWX. The team’s trilingual ability to communicate in English, French, Cantonese and Mandarin enable us to serve Hong Kong and China-based, as well as international, clients well. WWX gives all sellers peace of mind by taking over customer service and logistics coordination from sellers once the wines are sold and paid for.

Benchmark your offers against industry key players

Find out whether your offer is the best in market

You can easily gauge how competitive your offers are when using WWX. Lowest offers in all 3 global wine hubs will be shown every time you add an offer using Individual Add Wine Page. Alternatively, browse any individual wines of which you have an active offer on, and you will be able to see at which price and quantity other sellers are offering at. 

Flexible case-based sales terms

Use MOQ and Bundle special offers to stimulate sales volume

WWX enables sellers to list offers of varying conditions (so long as it is clearly stipulated per offer) and at different terms. Minimum Order Quantity allows you to sell at a guaranteed minimum quantity; whilst Bundle sale require buyers to purchase at multiples of a certain quantity.