How WWX Works

WineWorld Xplorer (WWX) breaks away from conventional single-source wine retail model and creates an active ecosystem connecting wineries, wine merchants and collectors from around the world to Asia wine lovers and buyers, with a focus on Hong Kong and China markets. The WWX ecosystem requires active input from all parties from buyers to sellers to run efficiently. The below graph summarizes the key steps of input from different users and aims at giving you a quick understanding of WWX’s multi-market wine trading system. If you have any further questions, please feel free to chat with WWX support using our chatbox or contact us.

How WWX works

Buying Wines on WWX

Selling wines on WWX


Sign up as a Seller (Private Collector) or Seller (Trade Professional) to buy and sell Original Wooden Case (OWC) or Original Carton (OC) wines stocked in Hong Kong, France and/or UK.

Physical stock ready for sale only. Pre-arrival stock are currently not accepted. Private collectors are required to send wines to WWX Storage in HK for further inspection before listing.


Synchronize your most updated wine portfolio on WWX using any one of our three upload modules. Browse active bids submitted by buyers and sell your wines to them directly by matching their bid conditions.


Confirm the order, send us an invoice and prepare the wines to be picked up (for UK-and FR-based wines) or delivered to WWX HK Storage (for HK-based wines).


Receive payment within 3 working days from when WWX team verify payment from Buyer.