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Award-winning global wine trading and asset management platform


WineWorld Xplorer (WWX) is Asia’s first multi-market wine trading and asset management platform connecting 3 global wine hubs: United Kingdom, France and Hong Kong. WWX enables swift multi-currency settlement and offers competent logistics and storage solutions among 3 global wine hubs: Hong Kong, United Kingdom and France as a foundation towards eventually building a peer-to-peer wine trading network connecting all key cities of the world among all players in the wine industry – wineries, merchants, wine lovers, investors and opinion leaders.

At the core of WWX, we operate and maintain a real-time database of wines physically available in 3 global markets (France, United Kingdom and Hong Kong), with a current aggregate worth of HKD 900 million. Our users, or functionally speaking, wine traders buy, sell, ship and store wines 24-7 on WWX. They have full access to our wine data analytics and will shortly be the very first to peruse our Big Data enabled fine wine projection tools.

Towards professional wine traders and high-net-worth wine collectors, WineWorld Xplorer aims to enable wines as both a pleasurable liquid to consume, as well as a liquid asset to own. For the broader wine community, WineWorld Xplorer serves as the premier professional reference to help wine lovers understand what and when to buy, sell, drink and invest.

WWX provides a comprehensive spectrum of professional wine services including:

  1. Buy, bid and sell wines anytime anywhere
  2. Competitive temperature and humidity controlled wine storage and logistics solution
  3. Full access to world’s best wine critic scores and reviews
  4. Individual wine historic price performance and data analytics
  5. Real-time wine portfolio valuation
  6. Wine as a collateral loan
  7. Smart wine bottle track-and-trace provenance tags (Coming Soon)
  8. Data-driven wine investment advisory (Coming Soon)

WWX’s founding team comprises a mix of fine wine specialists, data scientists and award-winning IT programmers. Founder Mariana Lam is a serial entrepreneur in the field of wine starting year 2008. Chief Data Scientist Samuel Sum brings his advanced data analytics and business intelligence solution design expertise, as well as his ardent love for wines, to the table. The team is completed with trilingual speakers fluent in Cantonese, Mandarin, English and French; all of which are WSET-certified and have worked in various industry roles in Hong Kong and China, USA and Middle East prior.





Enabling wines as liquid pleasures and liquid assets


Our mission is to create a connected, efficient and trusted trading environment for both institutional and recreational wine traders. WWX core functions strive to ensure that wines are exchanged at fair value, whilst providing transparent provenance and competitive cross-border logistics and storage support to all users.


Mariana Lam, Founder & CEO

A serial entrepreneur with a specialization in fine wine and international trading, Mariana Lam brings her business acumen and passion for wines together and has curated multiple successful wine business models. Over past decades, Mariana embraces her dream to make fine wine trading more accessible and transparent by way of developing an international fine wine trading, valuation and management platform. Mariana Lam is founder of wine import and retail company WineWorld and fine wine trading platform WineWorld Xplorer. She is a holder of Executive Master Degree in Business Management from Tsinghua University Beijing and Bachelor Degree in the same field from Boston College School of Management.

Samuel Sum

Chief Data Officer

Jennifer Lam

Chief Operations Officer

Anty Fung

Wine Contents

Luis Yip

Trade Liaison