Year 2020 is a game changing year. Amidst all uncertainties, one thing is certain and aptly summarized in the words of Charles Darwin: “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent. It is the one that is most quickly adapts to change”. In global fine wine ecosystem, things are changing as well and a lot of things are being redefined, reviewed and reinterpreted. Today we talk about how we can help you generate cash flow from your wine collection.

Restaurant partners – liquidate your top end bottles on WWX for immediate cash flow via WWX.

This global pandemic has unfortunately brought some key stakeholders in fine wine industry close to the brink of illiquidity. For cash-strapped stakeholders like restaurants and on-trade participants, it is time to review how you can leverage on your wine selection and talents to move wine sales without having to get your guests through your doors. We understand you may not want to spend the money to create a virtual portal to sell these wines, same time you’d also like to reach more buyers than your own regulars’ list. Talk to us – we’d be happy to work with your sommelier team to curate winning wine contents whilst help you liquidate some of your top-end bottles to generate cash.

Private collectors – get a valuation of your wine portfolio and review your current asset allocation strategy.

At WWX we observed a noticeable increase in private collector stock since beginning of the year, all of which come with verifiable storage and provenance records. 2020 global stock market volatility has triggered investors to revisit their cash strategy. “In the age of coronavirus, cash is indeed king” applies not only to operators, but also general public. With all the extra time, we’d encourage private collectors to get a free valuation of your wine portfolio on WWX and gauge how much gains you have made on your Top 10 winners. Use our portfolio management tools to automatically generate a report on your wine collection. Cash out some of your winners at the world’s best commission of 4.5% via WWX.

Wine merchants – let’s work together and move some stock, we promise 100% cash before delivery.

As on-trade restaurant business took a big hit from coronavirus and social distancing measures, so do a lot of our industry friends. WWX as a platform has always sought to enhance liquidity in wine trading and there is no better moments than now for us to honour this promise. We are looking to help wine merchants with exclusive brands commitment to offload some of their allocations. WWX maintains an active database of 20,000 trade and private client buyers – partner with us to sell your wines to local wine lovers and collectors. 100% cash upon buyer commitment and we only charge 4.5% commission!

Not wanting to let go of any bottles from your collection but wish to gain some extra liquidity?

One of WWX’s innovative vin-tech products is wine-as-a-collateral loan. Essentially, we allow private wine collectors to use eligible fine wine stock as collateral to secure loan facilities. Collateralized wines will be securely kept in WWX’s temperature and humidity controlled storage. Whilst you enjoy extra liquidity, your wines continue to age gracefully in our cellars. This is definitely one of the ultimate forms of maximizing value you can get from your wine collection.