Hong Kong International Wine & Spirit Fair (HKIWSF) returns this year from 7th to 9th November, 2019. This annual trade fair attracts over 1,000 international exhibitors, and is seen as the keynote event facilitating both local and regional wine and spirit business development since 2008, when Hong Kong abolished wine tax. WWX joins force with Hong Kong Trade Development Council to co-organizes a talk series focusing on regional trends this year. “Think like an Insider” series denotes HKTDC’s efforts to bring about think tank discussions among senior professionals of the trade on emerging developments. Last year, HKTDC’s Think like an Insider series feature an engaging discussion and sharing of “Secrets of Wine Sourcing”. This year, WWX team curates two specialized topics and put together an all-star panel for both talks to bring about valuable insights to the audience.

Think like an Insider: Future of Wine Investment in Asia Emerging Markets

November 8th (Friday) | 2:30 – 3:30pm | Seminar Room, Hall 3C, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

Panel speakers (in alphabetical order)

Darius Allyn MS, CEO & Wine Director, GenWine
Greg De’Eb, Principal, Crown Wine Cellars
Mariana Lam, Founder & CEO, WineWorld Xplorer
Patti Wong, Chairman, Sotheby’s Asia
Roland Muksch, Executive Director, LGT Bank (HK) and Chairman of Hong Kong Wine Society

What we will cover during the one-hour panel discussion

  1. Wine vs Luxury Assets: Diamonds, Art, Gemstones, Vintage Cars
  2. Wine vs Conventional Investments: Stocks, Mutual Funds, Real Estate, FOREX
  3. Role of Technology in Next-Generation Wine Investment Model
  4. Perception of Wine Investment by Winery Owners and Wine Collectors: Status Quo & Evolution
  5. Lessons learnt from Mature Markets and Implications for Asia Emerging Markets

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Think Like an Insider: The Next Big Opportunity in China Wine Market

November 8th (Friday) | 4:00 – 5:00pm | Seminar Room, Hall 3C, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

Panel speakers (in alphabetical order)

Alice Tsang, Assistant Principal Economist, HKTDC
Emma Gao, Owner and Winemaker, Silver Heights Winery Ningxia
Jonathan Mather, Former General Manager, ASC (HK)
Sabrina Hosford, General Manager, Summergate (HK & Macau)

What we will cover during the one-hour panel discussion

  1. Observations on Chinese wine market’s reshuffling in the past year
  2. Key opportunities and challenges for China wine market in coming year
  3. Potential and Hurdles for implementing online wine commerce and trading models
  4. National vs Imported Wine: Production and consumption trends
  5. Role of Hong Kong industry players in China wine market development

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The HKTDC Hong Kong International Wine and Spirits Fair 2019 is an ideal promotion and sourcing platform for exhibitors and buyers from around the world. The three-day show at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre in Wan Chai will welcome more than 1,000 international exhibitors, catering to global buyers on the search for greatness from bottle to bottle.

Over the years, this unique event has grown from strength to strength when HKSAR Government eliminated import duties on wine in 2008. Since then, wine imports have expanded rapidly. In 2017, imports totaled US$1.532 billion. Hong Kong’s role as a wine hub is also illustrated by its wine exports totaling US$567 million in 2017.

About WineWorld Xplorer

WineWorld Xplorer (WWX) is an award-winning, multi-market wine trading platform that provides a comprehensive suite of portfolio management tools to all users. Our vision is to become the global leading fine wine trading and wine-as-an-asset management platform. Currently, WWX connects three major wine trading hubs: United Kingdom, France, Hong Kong. The platform not only provides international sourcing opportunities, but also professional logistics and storage solutions, real-time portfolio valuation and cellar management support. At present, WWX features 20,000+ offers of an aggregate value of HK$850 million.

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