WineWorld Xplorer will be at Mercedes Benz’s largest car show and lifestyle festival – BAM Festival 2019 – on October 12th and 13th at Central Harbourfront. The team will be running the one and only pop-up wine bar at the festival. Echoing Mercedes Benz’s German roots, we will be celebrating the diversity and excellence of German wines, featuring some of the country’s best producers and signature grape varieties.

Be the first to take a look at what we will be serving at WWX pop-up wine bar from 10am to 10pm on October 12th; and 10am to 6pm on October 13th.

VAUX Riesling Brut 2016, Rheingau, Germany

This almost-150 years old German Sekt producer specializes in making German sparkling wines using traditional method. As its name so suggested, the founders began their business in France, in a village called Vaux in Northeastern France. In the 1920s they moved to Rheingau, where the company continues to operate till today. Since their inception, VAUX works in a model similar to a lot of traditional Champagne houses – they work closely and consistently with quality growers in the regions and source grapes from them. Among all varieties, Riesling of Mosel clones is one of their forte. VAUX Riesling Brut generally undergoes 15 months autolysis in bottle before disgorgement. A modest dosage of no more than 8g/L preserves Riesling’s racy acidity and limey, appley and elderflowery characters.

Grans Fassian Riesling Trocken Mineralschiefer 2017, Mosel, Germany

When it comes to Riesling from Mosel Valley, one always comes across description like saline slatey minerality. It aptly reflects Riesling’s ability to communicate a sense of place, whilst highlighting how very unique Mosel Riesling is. That savoury, saline edge in Mosel Riesling is distinctively contributed by the region’s potassium and calcium-rich slate soil. We choose to feature Grans Fassian “Mineralschiefer” to celebrate and show to all visitors the unique mineral profile of Mosel Riesling. Expect to find an intensely slatey, crunchy mineral profile alongside ripe peach, tangerine and acacia notes.

Jean Buscher Muskateller Off-Dry 2017, Rheinhessen, Germany

If you actually want to find a wine that taste like grapes, this is it! Made from 100% Muscat (in German, Muskateller), Jean Buscher Muskateller gives an intensely grapey impression upfront, supplemented by a great sugar-acid backbone. This off-dry version comes with a pleasant touch of fruity sweetness that lingers through the finish. A straightforward, stylish wine that offers instant pleasure! Great if you are looking for a wine to bridge your first time wine drinking friends to the amazing world of wines!

Weinhaus Heger Pinot Noir Trocken 2014, Baden, Germany

All “thanks” to climate change, specifically global warming, Germany has made some promising progress with Pinot Noir. The additional warmth enables this northerly wine producing region to create plush, velvety Pinot Noir with fruit purity and density. Coming from Baden, one of the warmest wine regions in Germany, Dr. Heger delivers delivers a juicy, energetic and delicious Pinot Noir packed full with ripe cherries, cassis and liquorice characters.

Ask for the Little Black Book…

Fancy something a little more exclusive and harder to find? Ask for our Little Black Book aka reserve wine list. We have cherry-picked 5 special wines of Germany going all the back to early 2000s for the discerning palates. You will also be offered a set of German crystal wine glasses to enjoy those wines with.

Lastly, Gluhwein before Christmas!

Gluhwein is basically mulled wine in German. A handful Christmas spices, a dash of ginger and a dash of amaretto – stirred into a pot of warm German rotwein – this is how we bring Christmas to BAM 2 months in advance of the actual festivities! We are certainly aware that early October Hong Kong might simply be too warm for warm wine – try out our version of iced gluhwein. Let us make Christmas taste cool (literally) for you!

Come visit WWX pop-up wine bar on October 12th and 13th at Central Harbourfront BAM Festival 2019!