WineWorld Xplorer (WWX) was being rewarded by Mediazone, the Most Valuable Services Award 2019. The presentation ceremony took place on 13th June 2019 (Thursday) at Hong Kong Gold Coast Hotel. The event was successful with many young and ambitious entrepreneurs attending to meet, to network and to share about their innovative and industry-game-changing ideas.



WWX’s Founder and Managing Director, Mariana Lam, was much honored to being invited on stage to share about her entrepreneur journey and her business vision, particularly about WWX as a holistic wine services provider.

The world changes constantly and quickly. 10 years ago while the government announced 0 wine tax policy, HK naturally became the most popular and strategic location to set itself as Asia’s uttermost important wine hub. The market demand surged rapidly and created enormous opportunity for merchants who source and sell wines in HK.

10 years gone and we are now having a flourishing wine industry consisting of over 1000+ wine merchants locally and a very advanced and matured market. The market needs something more than just a buy/sell merchant, but also an avant-garde platform that encourage industry trading efficiency, whilst granting users greater flexibility to customize and manage their wine inventory.

WineWorld Xplorer (WWX) sees this opportunity for a trading plus asset-management platform. Since 2017, WWX launched to connect international wine hubs (UK-FR-HK) and trade wines among the locations. We later on unable more post-sales services such as International Logistics and Fully temperature-controlled storage services, in order to better accommodate the growing demand on wine management services. All these functions are able to submit online anytime, anywhere, giving our clients a maximized autonomy and convenience to manage their wine collection.

More importantly, the platform strives to help users to buy smart, our master wine list aggregates wine offers wine merchants/ negotiants and we provide a daily-updating market price for user to benchmarking.  On one level, users are able to benchmark the buy-in price with average market price, that being said knowing how much they pay less/more), on the second level, they can even compare prices between merchants and select the best offers!

Take Cheval Blanc 2009 spotted on platform as an example:

[one-half]Hover to the price widget, all 4 offers from UK, FR and HK will be expanded and displayed at one glance. Users are then able to choose 1.the lowest offer among all, 2. Select and buy from their favorite wine source location, or better yet, 3. Make wine management decision easily and efficiently online (to ship back HK/ to store overseas or locally/ to resell or to sit in collection etc…)

The system is made entirely and completely customize-able according to the needs and preferences.

Wine business can never be just online. It lies fundamentally to meet face-to-face one to another. Thus we are not solely an online wine merchant either. WWX organizes periodically wine tastings, wine dinners to promote wine culture. We also collaborate extensively with corporates to provide any kind of wine events services so that we complete our wine services, online and offline, accommodating wine lovers, collectors, investors or even merchants.

“Thank you Mediazone for presenting us this Most Valuable Services Award 2019, under the theme of Smart City in 2019, we are humbled to receive this award in recognition to our efforts in wine industry. We will continue to grow and improve the platform together with the ever changing world and society,” commented Mariana Lam, CEO & Founder of WWX.


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