In December 2018, WWX has conducted a survey targeting regular wine drinkers and wine collectors to gauge their wine drinking and buying preferences; as well as their wine literacy and perception profile. A total of 551 respondents have completed our survey, with the majority being male aged between 36 to 55 years old.

Wine Consumption

Most consumed wine styles

Red is King

When it comes to most often consumed wine style, an overwhelming majority of 70% opt for red wines. Roughly the same number of respondents (around 10%) opt for white, or sparkling wines as their prime choice of wine style.

White, then Sparkling

Over 50% respondents indicate White wines as their second most consumed wine style. (Only 24% respondents choose sparkling wines otherwise.) When it comes to third most consumed wine style, sparkling wines lead over others with a majority 53% vote.

Sweet is passé

75% elects sweet and fortified wines as their least consumed wine style.

Top 3 Most Consumed Countries

France tops the chart with 95% respondents including it as their Top 3 most consumed wine countries. This is seconded by Italy, which receives 64% votes. Australia comes third with 47% votes.


This is followed by structured, more wine-centric wine dinners Organized among small groups of friends. Special occasion celebrations come third. 47% respondents reveal that they consume wines on their own. A minority 32% respondents find motivation joining wine dinners hosted by wine merchants and wineries.

Wine Collection

Full report will cover average spending, wine literacy level, full rankings of most popular wine countries / regions for consumption, key factors influencing purchase, where consumers buy wines, most consumed vintage range. Email us to receive the full Survey Insights.

Most collectors collect wines to drink in next 1 to 5 years.

Over 80% respondents collect wines for mid-term personal consumption. They expect to consume what they collect within 1 to 5 years after purchase. This is closely followed by those who intend to drink the wines at least 5 years after purchasing. Short term personal consumption comes last.

En Primeur?

Only 40% of those who collect wines have bought en primeur / wine futures.

Where do collectors store their wines?

Almost 90% collectors store their wines in Hong Kong. 24% store in U.K. and 7% store in France. 80% store wines within their own private cellars.

The Future of Wine

Facebook is King

Among all choices, Facebook is the most popular choice for posting wine tasting notes and reviews, followed by Vivino. Instagram and WeChat tie at third place.

To post or not to post?

The majority 50% express that they rarely to occasionally share their views. Only a minority of 5% regularly post wine tasting notes on social
media. The remaining 2% post on every single wine they have had.

Price transparency and borderless access

Wine price comparison is the most popularly used wine service. Purchasing wines direct from winery emerges as the one service that consumers most want to explore. Consumers also express cautious yet undeniable curiosity towards virtual wine recommendations. Over 40% state that they “may use it” if it is available.

Full report will cover reasons of wine reselling, emerging wine service needs and wine region purchase trends. Email us to receive the full Survey Insights.