It’s almost 10 years since Bordeaux 2009 was released. Good time to look back. WWX team prepares the following FAQ on Bordeaux 2009 for those who want to understand where these wines are placed in terms of drinkability, value and collecting potential.

Q: How good is Bordeaux 2009? Which appellations are particularly great?

A: Bordeaux 2009 bears an almost uncanny resemblance to the much-glorified, legendary vintage 1982. Both vintages see favourable climatic conditions definitive of a ripe year. Ample sunshine and a very warm summer contribute to the flamboyant, lush fruit style in most wines. If anything, achieving balance was the only challenge. Warmth has bolstered alcohol whilst at the same time moderated acidity.

Leading critics – both Jancis Robinson and Robert Parker – were absolutely positive about the drinking pleasure and allure of Bordeaux 2009. Jancis Robinson MW who showed reasonable scepticism on the ageability of Bordeaux 2009, had a retaste of most of the 2009 top Bordeaux chateaux in 2013 and concluded that the best wines, especially those from Pomerol and Pauillac, were “beautifully balanced”.

Some of the best 2009 Pomerol and Paulliac to try:

Wine Format Rating Case Price HK$/BT Below Mkt Location
Lynch Bages 2009 12x75cl WA96 HK$ 15,288 HK$1,274 🔻19.4% HK
Pichon Baron 2009 12x75cl WA98 HK$ 15,288 HK$1,274 🔻18.9% HK
Pontet Canet 2009 6x75cl WA100 HK$ 8,845 HK$1,475 🔻30.1% HK


Q: Top 3 Bordeaux 2009 that are drinking well and competitively priced?

A: These are drinking well, and are offered at the best price in town.
1. Pontet Canet 2009 (HK$1,475@)
2. Lascombes 2009 (HK$720@)
3. Pichon Baron 2009 (HK$1,274@)

Q: Is this a good time to buy Bordeaux 2009? Which wines have appreciated in value over the past 5 years?

A: Yes this is actually a better time to buy 2009 than 10 years ago when the wines were released en primeur! On hindsight, many recognized that Bordeaux 2009 en primeur prices were released higher than what they should. (A good handful wineries released their Bordeaux 2009 at record prices!) Since then, market forces kicked in and Bordeaux 2009 prices have seen some revision to what is now a more rational level. Select wisely and you will be able to distill some great value offers from the rest for further cellaring.

List of Bordeaux 2009 that has seen positive growth in value over past 5 years:

Wine Format Rating Case Price HK$/BT Below Mkt 5y growth Location
Angelus 2009 12x75cl WA99+ HK$ 36,037 HK$ 3,003 🔻14.1% ▲ 36% HK
Lynch Bages 2009 12x75cl WA96 HK$ 15,288 HK$ 1,274 🔻19.4% ▲ 29% HK
Lascombes 2009 12x75cl WA94 HK$ 8,640 HK$ 720 🔻17.8% ▲ 44% HK
Pichon Baron 2009 12x75cl WA98 HK$ 15,288 HK$ 1,274 🔻18.9% ▲ 11% HK
Ducru Beaucaillou 2009 12x75cl WA100 £ 2,454 HK$ 2,101 🔻27.2% ▲ 16% UK
Haut Bailly 2009 12x75cl WA100 £ 1,944 HK$ 1,664 🔻12.5% ▲ 91% UK
Leoville Poyferre 2009 12x75cl WA100 £ 1,968 HK$ 1,685 🔻17.8% ▲ 7% UK
La Mondotte 2009 6x75cl WA100 € 1,769 HK$ 2,675 🔻50.2% ▲ 38% FR


Q: Any other Bordeaux 2009 worth checking out?

A: Some chateaux deliver consistently high quality output and time will prove that they are worth keeping. These below are undoubtedly examples of top chateaux that are known for consistency and quality.

WWX Team Recommendation

Wine Format Rating Case Price HK$/BT Below Mkt Location
Cheval Blanc 2009 6x75cl WA100 HK$ 45,865 HK$ 7,644 🔻14.9% HK
Montrose 2009 12x75cl WA98 HK$ 25,117 HK$ 2,093 🔻18.9% HK
Cos d’Estournel 2009 12x75cl WA100 HK$ 14,415 HK$ 2,402 🔻22.8% HK
La Mission Haut Brion 2009 6x75cl WA100 £ 2,621 HK$ 4,470 🔻30.1% UK


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