Hong Kong International Wines & Spirits Fair (HKIWSF) is just less than 24 hours away. WWX team is getting excited as this is going to be the very first time for us to participate in this international trade event as an exhibitor. Find us at Booth 3E-D23 and let us share with you how the WWX experience has shaped up since our launch last year. This year, the team sets its primary goal to connect wine trade partners and wine lovers better. Along that line, for those who have been following us, you would have come to know that we have launched various functional updates to make your WWX experience more user-friendly and accessible.

A glance of all WWX updates since our launch in October 2017:

  • Multi-location storage management
    You can now load your wine collection onto WWX and track them easily by geographic location, by storage, and by their listing status. Moving your wines in and out of WWX storage in UK and HK can now be done anytime anywhere over a few clicks. Payment is flexible and you need not be bound by the commitment of minimum 1 year upfront payment normally required by wine storage facilities.
  • Real-time portfolio valuation
    Tracking where and what you own is just step one. WWX gives you real-time updates on the current market value and trace the original acquisition cost of your wine portfolio, with breakdown by currency, location and case size. What’s better? All these can be downloaded by Excel afterwards for your offline record keeping.
  • Advanced Search
    Last October WWX was launched with a handy Basic Search function that allows all users to browse any single wine’s offers in United Kingdom, France and Hong Kong. This year, we have added on Advanced Search function, which allows you to search by filters like Country/ Region/ Appellation, Vintages, Formats, Price Range, Critic Score Range, and so on. There is one ultimate trick that will prove exceptionally helpful for Burgundy lovers. Type any village or vineyard designation in our Search box and just tab Enter. You will get an Advanced Search listing of all wines that contain that specific village or vineyard designation in their names – from all producers, all vintages, and currently available in 3 global wine hubs.
  • Pay on WWX made easier and more convenient
    You can now pay in full using credit card on WWX. Better still, WeChat Pay is officially incorporated as one of our payment options to facilitate ease of use among our Mainland China-based buyers.
  • VinoGuard track-and-trace unique identifier tools
    Our latest project sees us moving into the field of provenance tracking. Ultimately we want everyone who trade on WWX to be offered the benefit of transparent provenance of all bottles and cases. Get to know where, when, and who own the bottles before you. We are making progress by popularizing the use of VinoGuard tags, a smart single-bottle unique identifier that helps track and trace single bottle movement and conditions.
  • WWX Blog
    In the world of wines, knowledge and opinion sharing are key to growing the market and creating a more informed wine buying experience. WWX Blog is very recently launched to add a layer of knowledge and direction to our vast wine offer database. We will be sharing system updates, industry trends, winery insights, and market news regularly via WWX Blog. We also welcome all those who’d like to share their thoughts and opinions about wines to contribute to our blog. Simply contact us. 

Yes it’s been quite an exciting developments-packed year. As the team now plans strategically for next year, we are actively looking for like-minded trade professionals who share our bold dream to create a globally connected screen-based wine trading space where wines are posed not just as liquid pleasures, but liquid assets.

On November 7th and 8th, grab a coffee at our booth (We have a very strong brew for those who’d need a powerful caffeine boost), share your business goals with us and let us come up with ways to help and partner with you to devise a more efficient sales, procurement, or brokerage strategy together.

If you are planning to join the public day – November 10th, do drop by our booth, let us set up a free account for you in less than a minute, and get a free valuation of any wines that you may have within your wine collection. Or, simply come enjoy some wines on us and play around WWX..